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Hungarian HVAC engineers Day 2014

Laszlo Nemeth, CEO and owner of ENSI Kft. Prize ceremony


On November 27-28 the building engineering profession kept the most prestigious meeting in the year called Hungaryan HVAC Engineering Day. In addition to the many interesting programs in this year the best of the profession knowing calved such as the best instructor, designer, contractor, etc.


In this year the ENSI Kft. has received the "HVAC contractor of the year".

It was take overed by Laszlo Nemeth who is the executive director and owner of our company.


We are pleased and proud of the recognition.

Published by OCTOGON Architecture & Design, October, 2014

OCTOGON Architecture & Design, 2014/6.  See the original article in the printed Magazine.A "smart stadium" with a green heart


In the 21st century energy efficiency and environmental awareness are becoming increasingly important and gaining more support with respect to traditional methods. The European Union, for example, aims to meet a fifth of its energy demand from renewable sources by 2020. The ultramodern stadium of Ferencváros meets the requirements of the modern era, as the Groupama Arena is one of the first stadiums in the world to have received BREEAM certification. In terms of energetic quality the building is classified as "A+", that is, highly energy-efficient.


In the age of smartphones designers had the idea: why couldn't a stadium be smart, as well? The building engineering and energy systems were constructed by ENSI Kft. László Németh, Managing Director of the company referred to the task as a serious professional challenge. He explained that the project linked business with passion, as many of the company's employees are fanatic Ferencváros supporters; what's more, the new offices of ENSI Kft. are located in the main building, that is, the service building connected to the stadium.

This part of the stadium houses the Fradi Museum, the Fradi Shop, the restaurant and kitchen, the café, event halls, exclusive VIP rooms, the dressing rooms and the related service spaces.


Each partial unit can operate on its own, independently of the others; therefore the air technology and heating/cooling systems were designed in a way that results in the most energy-efficient operation possible.


12 air treatment installations made up of building blocks were installed for serving the main building. The combined flow rate of the comfort air technology systems is 110 000 m3/h. For example, separate units serve the dressing rooms and the guest team, the event halls, the museum, and the café.


Heating and cooling are provided by fan-coil units with a low noise level, and can be controlled through the building supervision IR C regulator or room thermostats. The cooling capacity provided by the compact liquid coolers installed is over 1.5 MW. Heating was solved with the use of condensing gas boilers, with an installed capacity of over 2 MW and a temperature differential of 60/40°C. From this capacity the glycol-based heating of the pitch – the only one of its kind in Hungary – requires 1150 kW.


The heating capacity installed would be sufficient for heating 300 average detached houses.


During the construction of the heating and cooling pipe grids grooved pipe couplings were used, which meant the generation of a far smaller amount of harmful pollutants during their assembly than in the case of welded pipes. The drinking water grid was built from innovative plastic pipelines.


Due to the interior design concept of the main buildings several assembled structures would remain visible; therefore, it was of key importance to solve this task aesthetically.


The stadium of Ferencváros is one of Hungary's greenest buildings. Hot water is produced using solar panels, for which 45 flat panels were mounted, with a total net surface area of 100 square meters and a capacity of 85 kW, so even the last player to take a shower after a match need not be afraid of finding only cold water. Rain- and groundwater is collected by the system and is used for flushing lavatories and irrigating the pitch, so nothing is wasted.

During the project more than 25 km of mechanical engineering pipes were installed. The number of joints used in the various systems exceeds 50,000, including welds, soldering, grooved couplings, threaded and flanged joints, poly-fusion welds and the couplings of the air technology system.


The work performed in the stadium represented a labour of love for the fully Hungarian-owned ENSI Kft., which is evident in the final result. Previously, the company has been involved in the construction of numerous office buildings, industrial plants, power plants, and shopping centres, but building a stadium was different. Due to the strict deadlines ENSI Kft, too, had to keep a quick pace. Furthermore, modern technical specifications and solutions rendered the already far-from-boring task even more exciting.

The company was founded in 1994 by two Norwegian enterprises, but since 1997 László Németh has been its sole proprietor. At the time, the company decided to dedicate itself to building engineering, which – in light of the results of the past nearly twenty years – was a rather good decision. In 2011 ENSI Kft became the market leader building engineering contractor in Hungary.


The team worked at the Groupama Arena from June 2013 until May 2014. The largest crew was 140, this January, when work was going on simultaneously in the stands, on several floors of the main building and at the mechanical engineering level, as well. Generally, 60 people on average were working on the project.


The new stadium of Ferencváros is one of the most modern ones in Europe. The work of the building engineering contractor ENSI Kft. is visible at almost all points of the arena. From the end result it is clear that the team involved in the project performed work worthy of praise throughout Europe. Naturally, if your heart is in your work, it will show in the result.


See the original magazin (OCTOGON Architecture&Design, Oct., 2014. (p.50-53) or



Published by the International Trade News, July, 2014





 ENSI covers the entire value chain from hvac planning and design to made to measure installation and maintenance


Astra Zeneca Hungary, Coca-Cola Hungary, Electrolux Hungary, Henkel Hungary, IKEA Hungary, LEGO Hungary, Nestlé Hungary and many other international corporations with activities in Hungary are on the impressive customer list of ENSI Kft. The privately owned company focuses on building technology solutions for projects with floor spaces above 2,000 m2 and has developed into Hungary’s largest provider in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) industry. Now the company is looking for partners to develop the international market.

ENSI was established in 1994 by two Scandiavians companies, Solberg & Andersen AS (SAAS) and Energy Saving International AS (ENSI). In 1997, the energy rationalization firm was acquired by László Németh, its current CEO and owner.


In the following years, ENSI was restructured to focus on the fast evolving HVAC engineering and contracting market in Hungary. Since 2007, the company has been focusing on projects with floor spaces of more than 2,000 m2.


"This was a deliberate decision which has proven very successful," says Mr. Németh. In 2009, ENSI established a country-wide sales network, and one year later, the company started developing the international market. "We have international activities in the Scandinavian countries, Switzerland, Russia and Dubai," states Mr. Németh. "Our export share is 30-50% and growing. The goal is to achieve 70% within the next two years."

CEO László Németh
is a dedicated entrepreneur and
a FIFA accredited football manager



"We are looking for new international partners."

László Németh, CEO and owner


The international growth of ENSI will be spurred by new subsidiary firms abroad. The company already has a branch office in Russia and plans to open additional operations in Norway, Switzerland and Dubai. “We are looking for new partners in those countries,” explains Mr. Németh.


ENSI has 65 permanent staff and employs between 250 and 300 temporary workers in cooperation with third party suppliers. The company turned over 3.8 billion HUF in 2013 and expects to grow revenues to 4.5 billion HUF this year.

As one of Hungary’s leading building technology groups, ENSI covers the entire range of solutions and services, from cooling, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems to compressed air, water, canal, gas and rain water systems through to fire protection, sprinkler systems, insulation and building automation solutions.


In addition to installing new systems in new buildings, the company offers a full portfolio of services along the value chain, from HVAC consulting, design and planning to periodical maintenance and emergency repairs.


ENSI works for general contractors in the construction sector, real estate developers and major industrial customers including such well-known international groups as Coca Cola, IKEA, LEGO, Nestlé and many others.

ENSI worked for Givaudan, the world’s
leading fragrance and flavour company.


ENSI is more than a leading supplier of building technology solutions to recognized internationally operating enterprises with subsidiary firms in Hungary.

The company is also actively involved in the area of sports management at home and abroad.


"We have started a special programme supporting young, talented football, water polo, handball and basketball players," says Mr. Németh who is not only a gifted entrepreneur but also a FIFA accredited football manager."


"We manage players, primarily in Europe and Africa, but also in Asia and the USA. In Nigeria, we run our own football academy."

ENSI supports young, talented football,
water polo, handball and basketball players.


ENSI is benefiting from a persistent influx of foreign direct investments in Hungary, especially as regards large-scale projects – the company's speciality. At the same time, it is getting an increasing number of follow-up orders from projects completed ten or 15 years ago requiring upgrades with regard to the buildings' energy efficiency or other technical installations.


A third push is coming from the growing international activities of ENSI. “Ten years ago, our vision was to be the preferred partner for building technology projects with floor spaces above 2.000 m2 in Hungary,” explains Mr. Németh. “Today, our vision is to be the preferred partner in Hungary, Norway, Switzerland, Russia, Dubai and other countries to be developed.”


See the original article here!


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